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The Only Knee Pad That Works!

Easy-Knee Jeans are the only built in, removable, adjustable, hidden and reliable knee pad system on the market today. We stand behind this claim through 100% satisfaction guarantee. Once you have experienced the comfort and convenience of the Easy-Knee system you will wonder why they ever made anything different for knee protection!
  • The Only Knee Pad System That Adjusts To ANY KNEE ANY HEIGHT
  • They Also Drop Out Of The Way When Standing Protecting The Shin On Ladders
  • Only Knee Pad System With Cotton Inner Lining So You Don't Overheat
  • We Repair Any Damages FREE Of Charge!! 
  • The Only System That Always Hits The Knee
  • The Only Discrete Hidden Knee Pad
  • No Straps Around The Leg 
  • 100% American Union Made Available

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We are 100% American Owned and Operated Company.

Our high quality 100% pure cotton denim along with extra heavy cotton thread allows for great durability in all situations, including Welding.  We strive to provide the best high density knee pads and the only Fully adjustable design in the industry at a price, we can afford Delivered to your door. Our product is not only superior in comfort but in wear-ability, we have feedback along with extensive testing proving our product will outlast and out perform any other Built in Knee Pad on the market!!
All final assembly and alterations are done in house.